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About the full bodied silicone babies

The silicone baby’s full body is made up of with the silicone platinum material and it has the very soft inner core around its belly area which is so soft and makes to feel like a real baby. The baby’s head is looks like the ball joined so the head of the baby can turn naturally and the baby doll contains the fully sculpted mouth with the tongue and gums where it can having the milk from the milk bottle.

The milk goes to the tummy and it makes the bed wet and the soft armatures of the baby limbs make it for easy posing. The different hardness of the silicone platinum materials are used on the baby’s body parts for making to look realism and also the artists have made the realistic skin textures with the wrinkles on the moving parts of the body. The reborn baby dolls for sale contains the spine bone on his back to make it to be more realistic when we have the doll in the hand.
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